Trinity and Gianluca

18 December 2010
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We are blessed to come from strong families, in particular, strong parents who are incredible role models for marriage.

Gianluca is the only child of Demetrio and Anna De Leo. Demetrio and Anna live in Genova, Italy and have been married for 38 years. They share a love of food, family, and the sea. They travel often and love to visit their son in the USA.

Trinity is the youngest child of Richard and Gail Massey. Richard and Gail live in Yorktown, Virginia and have been married for 40 years. They share a love of friends, fellowship and their dog O'Malley.

Trinity has two older sisters, Cambrey and Amanda. Both sisters have been wonderful mentors to their littlest sister. Cambrey provides wise perspectives on life, while Amanda provides fashion advice.

Cambrey is married to Peter and they have a handsome almost two-year-old son, Nathan. They reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cambrey will be one of Trinity's two witnesses for the wedding.

Amanda is married to Sol Chea. They live in Vienna, Virginia. Amanda will be Trinity's second witness for the marriage.